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arbymellark replied to your post: “May I just say, that The Hobbit trailer in theaters with the song…”:

I love that song. I saw the preview in the movies as well and it was so good.

It’s so beautiful, and he sings so well. Man. It was just…. Powerful.

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May I just say, that The Hobbit trailer in theaters with the song Pippin sings in Return Of The King was extremely powerful?

My heart clenched, and as soon as the song started, my boyfriend clenched my hand very tightly.

It’s not so much knowing where it comes from, but being there when it happened, seeing the movies when they were new and not just box sets sitting with your other DVDs.

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ckwmuffins replied to your post: “ckwmuffins replied to your post: “If Gale had volunteered in the first…”:

I think that they would have settled into life together as victors, if they had played the starcrossed card. They obviously have a bond and with the shared connection as victors….

Agreed, but they still would be the same. Him “having fire” and Peeta being “dandelion in the Spring”. It’s just who they are.

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ckwmuffins replied to your post: “If Gale had volunteered in the first games in Peeta’s place, Katniss…”:

I think she would have ended up with Gale.

In which instance and why? (You have peaked my Everlarkian senses.)

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If Gale had volunteered in the first games in Peeta’s place, Katniss coming home the victor, would she still fall for Peeta?

Or if she and Gale had become the Star Crossed Lovers act, because, in that first part, they could have easily played the role of “lovers” given they actually had a slight attraction established, and come home together, would the Capitol allow them a “dramatic breakup”, or force the same on them as he did Peeta and Katniss?

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As much as I want to, I will probably not go to the midnight premiere of Mockingjay.

1. I’m getting old enough that I’m getting tired by 10 PM. *gasp*


2. I hate going in and being cramped and everyone “oohing” and “ahhhing”, and I miss lines.


At least not for part one. But part 2 and The Hobbit.

That way I have an excuse to see it again.

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Are you fighting, Katniss?

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These seven new stills from Mockingjay Part 1 are going to completely blow your mind…

The Mockingjay lives!!! »  

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So I have explained to my boyfriend what FanFiction is. At first he was kinda laughing, but was supportive and said, “If it makes you happy to write and read it, then write and read it.”

Now, I finally got him hooked on Once Upon A Time, and several episodes into the first season, he says, “I like the twists on the original stories.” I was like, “Yeah, yeah, they’re pretty cool.”

Then he turns to me excitedly and says, “It’s like FanFiction! The thing you’re so good at! No wonder you love this series!”

And I was just sitting there like

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Though, I did get two decent ones.

If you own a Weim, you know how rare that is. Most pictures turn out with a giant, grey blur.

I’m counting the second one as a fluke. Haha!

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