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This. This is so true.

I hate the stigma there is to homeschooling. Josh Hutcherson (along with many other actors) homeschool(ed) and there is nothing wrong with them, but if you are a normal human being, you must be strange and anti social.

I did dual credit at the local community college when I was 15, and when people finally found out I was homeschooled and my age, they were shocked. They said I acted “normal” and acted/looked older.

I was in a musical at that CC when I was 17, that had a homeschool character that poked fun at all the typical homescooler stuff, (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) and after the show, a lady asked me how old I was, and I told her and she was shocked. She then said the actor who played the homeschool character was very good. I said, “Yeah, he’s great! I actually homeschooled, so a lot of that was funny to me.” And she got this look of terror on her face and said, “Oh, really?” and walked off.

I graduated college at 19. I got to socialize with kids, they just happened to be college kids. (I also did summer camps with kids my age, though) I got to travel. I got to do some indie movies, and even some larger scale.

We may get to do it in our pajamas, eat while we study, sleep in, and shop during normal school hours, but that does not mean we are anti-social, geeky, slackers. Yes, we may have a sucky prom, but that’s okay.

posted 5 months ago @ 06 Apr 2014
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